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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Welcome To Rich and Rich Home Opportunities Collaborators

Welcome To Rich and Rich Home Opportunities Collaborators


Plannet Marketing & Intele Travel

Sell Travel, Earn Travel Commissions, Travel Better

  • Exclusive travel deals and most competitive pricing with all travel brands and all destinations - Guaranteed! Friends, family and customers won't pay more (and might pay less)…and the Travel Agent earns commissions!
  • A powerful way for an Agent to earn a extra few hundred dollars a month (or a few thousand) with no invoicing - no inventory - no boring class stuff! No quotas! They are their own Boss!
  • Discover the travel secret millions of InteleTravel customers and Travel Agents, in all 50 States and 40 other countries.
  • In addition, the Agent learns new skills, and connects more with family, friends and travelers.
  • Innovative easy tools, valuable resources and unlimited support!
  • The Travel Agent can easily earn back the business cost in the first year…in fact we guarantee it! No long-term contracts - cancel at any time. (see below)
  • InteleTravel works like all other travel search sites, but with access to exclusive offers, competitive rates, insider travel knowledge, destination events, full service toll-free support, which includes selling tools, weekly webinars, podcasts, live events and so much more. more – and most importantly, pays you a commission!
  • An Independent Travel Agent business.

PlanNet Marketing offers two business opportunities, including an amazing and rewarding compensation plan for its Reps:

  1. The PlanNet Marketing Rep who sells the InteleTravel home-based Independent Travel Agency (“ITA”) business and earns a direct sales commission.

There’s a $179.95 one-time enrollment in order to become a travel agent. Then it’s only $39.95 a month. You’ll earn and save more than what the travel you book actually costs. Plus, our InteleTrust Guarantee ensures you’ll be profitable or your money back.

And it’s easy to cancel your enrollment if you ever choose to do so.


2.  The PlanNet Marketing Rep who, in addition to selling the ITA business opportunity, also chooses to build a PlanNet Rep organization and earn override commissions on Reps in their organization who do the same.

PlanNet Marketing offers a number of ways to generate income and recognition. Take a look at this exciting Compensation Plan!


First, let's define some terms:

Rep – A person who enrolls with PlanNet Marketing for $19.95 initial fee and $19.95 monthly. (No commissions are paid on this initial or monthly recurring administrative fee.)
ITA Sale – A PlanNet Rep sells the InteleTravel ITA Travel Agency for $179.95, plus $39.95 monthly. This is a commissionable product sale.
Active ITA – An InteleTravel ITA who’s paying $39.95 monthly.
Selling Rep – The PlanNet Rep who makes the ITA Sale.
Sponsor – A Rep who enrolls another Rep.
Gold Builder – A Rep who has nine (9) or more Active ITAs.
Director – A Gold Builder who has 100 or more Active ITAs …in 3 or more legs, no more than 1/3 in any one leg.

Direct Sales Commission to the Selling Rep: When you, as a PlanNet Marketing Rep, sell the InteleTravel Independent Travel Agency business (an ITA sale) for $179.95 and $39.95 monthly, you are paid a Direct Sales Commission of $50.00. There is no limit to the number of $50.00 Direct Sales Commissions you may earn. Paid weekly.

Direct Sales 50% Match to the Sponsor: When you enroll someone as a PlanNet Marketing Rep and they make an ITA sale, you, as their Sponsor, are paid a 50% Match ($25.00) on their ITA sales. There is no limit to the number of 50% Match Commissions ($25.00) you may earn. Paid weekly.

Gold Builder Bonus: A $10.00 Gold Builder Bonus is paid to the first upline Gold Builder for every ITA sale made in their downline, down to the next Gold Builder. A Gold Builder is a Rep who has made at least nine (9) ITA sales, and which sales are Active ITAs. Paid weekly.

Monthly Matrix Payout to Selling Rep: A monthly Bonus of $4.00 is paid to the Selling Rep on the monthly $39.95 payment made by Active ITAs in their Matrix. This Bonus is paid through nine (9) levels based on the number of the Rep’s Active ITAs (minimum of 2 Active ITAs to qualify). Plus, a Gold Builder is paid a 10% Match on the monthly Matrix earnings of his/her nine (9) or more directly sponsored Reps.

Residual Income

Director Bonuses:

  • PlanNet Marketing guarantees that when a Rep becomes a ONE-STAR Director, their monthly income from all sources will be at least $1,000.
  • Directors (ONE-STAR through FIVE-STAR) can earn an amount of up to $50.00 for each ITA sale made in their downline.
  • Directors are paid a Director Monthly Bonus based on the number of Active ITAs in their downline. (See chart below)


Comp Plan Illustration

Additional Director Bonuses and Recognition:

  • When a Rep achieves FIVE‐STAR Director, they are awarded a Rolex watch (and must remain qualified as FIVE STAR Director, earning FIVE STAR pay, for a minimum of 60 days to qualify. Must remain qualified at FIVE STAR Director until the Rolex is awarded).

A Presidential Ring is awarded to a One-Star Director and above when the following qualifications are met:

  • A Presidential Ring is awarded based on two consecutive 30-day Qualifying Income Periods followed by one 30-day Maintenance Period. (Three 30-day continuous periods total.) Must remain qualified until Ring is awarded.
  • Total income for EACH 30-day Qualifying Income Period AND the 30-day Maintenance Period is the cumulative total of income received from Weekly Commissions, Matrix Commissions, and Director Pay.
  • For EACH 30-day Qualifying Income Period AND the following 30-day Maintenance Period the Minimum Income requirement is as follows:  
    • Sapphire Ring: Minimum Income for each period of $8,333 (on annual track of $100,000).
    • Ruby Ring: Minimum Income for each period of $20,833 (on annual track of $250,000).
    • Diamond Ring: Minimum Income for each period of $41,667 (on annual track of $500,000).
    • Double Diamond Ring: Minimum Income for each period of $83,333 (on annual track of $1,000,000)
  • Rings are considered awards and will be presented at Convention (unless otherwise noted). Qualification for all awards, including Rings, must be met and held until presentation. If qualification is lost before presentation, the Ring will not be awarded.

Join as a PlanNet Marketing Rep:

The PlanNet Rep opportunity includes:

  • Low start up cost: Only $19.95
  • The monthly administration fee is $19.95 thereafter
  • Personalized PlanNet Marketing Replicated Website
  • No product purchase requirements
  • Direct sales commission on ITA sales
  • Enroll other Reps & earn override commissions

  • 90 Day Refund Policy
  • Join Zoom to learn about the business
  • Website:
  • Meeting ID: 218-016-8444
(If you want to become a PlanNet Rep AND own your own InteleTravel business, FIRST enroll as a PlanNet Rep. You will then receive an email with your Rep account website name and login information. Go to your Rep website Virtual Office and proceed with the purchase of your ITA.)

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